Friday, September 27, 2019

Alzheimer's Donations Hit 12 Thousand Dollars

With a generous top-up donation from Bank of Montreal BMO Private Wealth, we are happy to announce that donations to the NL Alzheimer Society have now reached $12,000.

This will be our final update on donation results but certainly if you just didn't get around to contributing, you can do so any time at

Thursday, September 12, 2019

NTV Coverage Part 2 & 3 / Final Day For Donations

Here are the clips of NTV News coverage at the beginning of our journey and at the end.

We have exceeded our fundraising goal of $10,000 for the NL Alzheimer Society and may even hit 11 grand! To that end we will continue to track donations until midnight Friday September 13 at which time we will total things up.

If you have already donated we thank you sincerely and if you've been putting it off, here's the link (add "Trailway Trio" in the Additional Comments" box on the donation page):

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Jim's CBC Interview From Deer Lake

Here is the interview that Jim did with CBC Radio a few days into our ride. It's set to a slideshow of 50 or so pictures that pretty well capture the trip.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Day 15 Woodford's Station to Mile 0 55k: The End Of Our Journey

After a night of birthday celebration with friends and family at Chapel’s Cove for Cathy’s 60th coming up Monday we slept well and woke to steak and eggs. Our ride started at Woodford’s Station just east of Holyrood where Harry and the ATV left us (we would see him at the finish line!)

Hurricane Dorian was our friend today giving us sunny skies and a strong tailwind all the way home. We were happy to meet more than a dozen of our biker friends who battled the headwind to ride out and meet us near Foxtrap, turning and riding the remaining 25k or so with us.

With a break for coffee and snacks in Paradise, we remounted for the final 13k downhill blast to the train station, and a WONDERFUL reception at Mile 0 from dozens of family and friends.

It was a day of mixed emotions as we were happy to reach our goal but sad to end our journey. Over the next few days we will add some additional notes to our blog posts, tidy up our Google Photo Album for anyone wanting to see all our pictures and video clips, and provide a final update on our Alzheimer Fundraising Initiative.

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Weather: Sunny warm and WINDY (tailwind)
Issues: None
Distance Today: 55k
Total Distance: 883k

Happy Birthday Cathy!
Another breakfast of champions.
Loaded up for the return to Woodford's Station for our start.
Day 15 the final day.
Greetings from one of our followers Marian Templeton.
Greetings from Jim's daughter and grand children.
A great posse to ride home with!
Getting back on schedule with coffee and snacks.
We made it!! What are we going to do tomorrow??

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Day 14 Placentia Junction to Woodford Station 41k

Our evening camping at the "Mundy Pond Murphys" spot was starlit but cool, and overnight we had a visit from a posse of 5 ATVs looking for their own site, and a moose just passing through. No video evidence of the moose but Smitty swears he heard one! The cool morning sped up our final camp breakfast of steel cut oats with dried fruit, and our usual EXCELLENT percolated coffee.

We were on the road by 7:45am, earlier than usual, quickly warmed up by the rising sun, and soon passed through Whitbourne, Ocean Pond, Brigus Junction and Avondale.

In Chapel's Cove we called it a day and spent the afternoon and evening with family and friends at Cathy and Rick's place, resting up for our final day tomorrow. The end of our journey will be the "Mile 0" sign by the train station in downtown St. John's at 3pm on Sunday.

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Weather: Cool start but quickly sunny and warm
Issues: None
Distance Today: 41k
Distance So Far: 828k

Day 14 with Rusty glaring at us from the bus.
Many lovely ponds on our route today.
Welcome to Whitbourne

We met several ATV caravan's over the past 2 weeks.
Jim's road rash.
Chapel's Cove for the evening.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Day 13 Arnold’s Cove to Placentia Junction 63k

We are REALLY counting our blessings as we start our 13th day of riding with yet again spectacular weather. After a breakfast of cheesy avocado omelettes with beans and naan toast, sunny skies and t-shirt temperatures followed us from Arnold’s Cove to Long Harbour where we refueled with JPB sandwiches and 45 minutes basking in the sun.

Pushing on to our destination of Placentia Junction we found Harry chatting with a Mr. Edison who gave us directions to an EXCELLENT camping site a couple of miles further along. Quickly setting up camp (we’re getting good at it!) we cooled off with a beverage while Cathy prepared our moose chilli with black beans and couscous, Jim tended to his minor road rash from a little spill, and Harry and Smitty gathered wood for Smitty’s lesson in lighting a fire!

This is our final night camping as we head to Chapel’s Cove tomorrow for the final night of our journey.

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Weather: Sunny and warm
Issues: Minor road rash from Jim’s spill; bruised rib from Cathy’s spill
Distance Today: 63k
Distance So Far: 787k

Day 13 Strava.

Sunrise in Arnold's Cove.

Loading for our ride down to Placentia Junction.

Official start to Day 13.

Crossing under the TCH.

Jam and Peanut Butter sandwiches today!

Squatting on someone's trailer site for our lunch break.

Great spot to pitch a tent just east of Placentia Junction.

Great meal before our evening fire.

Smitty gets a lesson on lighting a fire from Harry The Pro.

Blogger at work on today's draft for higher-level approval.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Day 12 Beaver Pond to Arnold’s Cove 37k

With a heavy mist overnight and a rain showers in the morning, we thoroughly enjoyed the damp, warm ride towards Arnold’s Cove with hopes of sunshine later in the day to dry out us and our gear.

But the sunshine never came today as the fog and drizzle got thicker, so our plans to camp around Jack’s Pond were re-evaluated. We skipped our usual trail lunch and headed for Robin’s in Arnold’s Cove for pizza and paninis. A phone call secured our evening at the VERY nice Killick Inn and Suites for an afternoon of washing clothes, cleaning and drying our gear, and eating! Supper of moose stew, rice, corn on the cob and naan bread put us out for the count.

Tomorrow calls for nice weather again so we plan to ride more than half of our remaining 159k
and find a nice place to camp perhaps around Ocean Pond.

Trail Conditions: Decent and wet
Weather: Foggy and wet but warm
Issues: None
Distance Today: 37k
Distance So Far: 724k

Day 12 Strava.

Day 12 starts at Beaver Pond about 15k west of Goobies. 

The anchor at Arnold’s Cove. 
Cleaning up in comfort at the Killick Inn and Suites. 
A relaxing day avoiding one of only 2 partially rainy days.
Moose stew on the menu tonight.

Day 11 Terra Nova to Beaver Pond 70k

Wednesday (Day 11) was yet another beautiful riding day with one of our nicest stretches yet from Terra Nova down into Clarenville. It was sunny and warm all day so we stopped for a swim at Thorburn Lake and ate our lunch of turkey sandwiches (thanks yet again Aunt Rowena!). Cruising through Clarenville we stopped at Sobeys to stock up on fresh veggies and cold beverages, and of course eat ice cream, then continued on towards Goobies.

About 10k from Clarenville we spotted a nice river leading into Beaver Pond and although the ground was rocky and uneven we managed to find decent spots for our 3 tents so we set up for the night. Darkness moved in quickly as we ate peachy pork picante with couscous and Greek salad. A heavy mist soon followed so we shared a nightcap and a few laughs before another early bedtime.

Trail Conditions: Excellent
Weather: Sunny and warm
Issues: None
Distance Today: 70k
Distance So Far: 687k

Day 11 Strava.

Scrambled eggs and beans for brekkie.
Day 11 begins at Terra Nova  

North West River as we entered Terra Nova Park, and a potentially GREAT camp site!
Smitty & North West River
Enjoying the bridge and river.

No golf for us today.
Greetings at the Port Blandford trestle from our friend Will Small. 
Cooling off and doing laundry!
Lunch break at Thorburn Lake. 
Welcome to Clarenville.

Natural cave at the river to Beaver Pond (Harry in the distance!)
Riverside camping at Beaver Pond between Clarenville and Goobies. 
Spectacular campsite on the rocks at Beaver Pond. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Day 10 Butt’s Pond to Terra Nova 50k

This was supposed to be an “easy” day with just 51k to cover, but it ended up being one of our hardest rides yet! While the weather was favourable with sunny breaks and no rain, the head wind was brutally strong all morning. We were quite happy to reach our destination, Aunt Rowena’s cozy cabin in Terra Nova.

Our early-afternoon arrival gave us the opportunity for a hot lunch of turkey dinner leftovers (thanks Aunt Rowena!) and Cathy’s apple chicken curry soup, followed by hot showers and naps. Then is was supper ... Cathy’s curry chicken, butter chicken with rice and naan bread, with chocolate cake and blueberry pie for dessert (thanks again Aunt Rowena!). It’s all about the food!

The rain hit hard this afternoon but should subside in the morning as we continue our ride destined for Clarenville.

Trail Conditions: Good
Weather: Sunny breaks and warm but WINDY
Issues: None
Distance Today: 50k
Distance So Far: 617k

Day 10 Strava.

Ladies and gentlemen start your Stravas!
Day 10 begins.
A short reprieve from today’s wind. 
One of three warming huts between Gander and Terra Nova.
Luxury accommodations in Terra Nova this evening!
Jim and Smitty will sleep in the trailer (the green one).
Eating quite well again today.